82153 - WIFI - Switching Evernote accounts or reauthorizing expired/revoked Evernote access

How do I switch the Evernote account that my wifi smartpen uploads to or re-authorize if access has expired or been revoked?


The steps below provide the options to:


  • Change the Evernote account you want to sync to.  You can switch back and forth between accounts by following the steps below. Only the new data added to your smartpen after accounts are changed will sync to the new Evernote account.  The previous Evernote account will retain the data that was synced prior to the account change.
  • Re-authorize an Evernote account that has a revoked / expired authorization.  This could be due to an Evernote password change, because you intentionally revoked access from within the Applications tab in the Evernote Settings, or simply because several years have passed since the last account authorization.     In these cases you will need to re-authorize your account in order to be able to sync data from your wifi smartpen and play your already uploaded notes once more.  


To switch accounts or re-authorize:


  1. Close any browser windows that are logged into Evernote web.
  2. Log in to your Livescribe account using by accessing http://bit.ly/YgZAUw
  3. Under "WiFi Smartpen" on the left side, click "Evernote® Account".
  4. If you are trying to re-authorize click the "(Reauthorize)" link next to your Evernote account name. 
  5. If you are trying to switch accounts, under "Link to a different Evernote account" click the blue "Link new Evernote account" link.
  6. On the Evernote window that opens, click the "Sign in" link at the bottom of the window to access the Evernote log in page (if you don't see this page, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right and select "Log out" to make sure you are logging in to the correct Evernote account if you have more than one).
  7. Log into the Evernote account that you want to switch to or re-authorize.
  8. After you sign in, click "Authorize" or "Re-authorize" (depending on what appears).

After authorizing/re-authorizing, when trying to play pencasts from your Evernote account if you see the message:

"It seems you may need to renew permissions for Livescribe to access your pencasts…"

…for PCs or Macs try clearing your browser cache by referencing 93000 - Clearing the browser cache.

For iOS devices, on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Select "Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data".
  2. Tap "Clear Cookies and Data" to confirm.


After clearing your cache if you still have an issue please let us know.

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