82500 - WIFI - Freeing wifi smartpen memory / archiving Evernote notebooks

How do I remove notes and audio in order to make more memory available on my wifi smartpen and archive my Evernote notebooks?

Archiving will allow you to use your Livescribe wifi smartpen with your new notebook that has the same name and style as the notebook you have already used.

IMPORTANT:  If you completely erased (master reset) your smartpen prior to the April 24, 2013 Archive feature release, you will need to go back to each notebook that you were using before you completely erased your smartpen, tap on any page in that notebook (excluding the notebook covers), and then Archive it (see below).

Explanation of Archiving:

Archiving notebooks from your WiFi smartpen will permanently erase all notes, audio, and pencast content in that notebook from the smartpen's memory.   It frees up storage space from your smartpen and allows you to use a new version of the same notebook.

In Evernote, all the pages, along with any audio files from the archived notebook, are moved to the "Archived Notebooks" stack and renamed by appending the notebook name with "- Archived".  Livescribe Player plays pencasts identically to how they were played before they were archived.

Once you archive a notebook, it can't be undone.  Archiving a notebook deletes your notes (ink data) and audio (linked to the notebook's pages) from your smartpen.  Because of this, your smartpen will no longer interact with the physical Livescribe dot paper product that you archived.  That is, when you tap the notes in your archived physical notebook, the smartpen will not play back any audio.

To archive any notebooks, your smartpen must be turned on and connected to the Internet.  You can then choose to archive using one of three methods:

  • From the Helper app
  • From the smartpen menu
  • From a status label that wraps the fore edge of a new unopened notebook

Before archiving it's important to realize:

  • You can only archive one notebook at a time.
  • Archiving cannot be undone; it erases your pen of the notes and recordings linked to the notebook you tap.
  • Recordings from an archived notebook can no longer be played back from your smartpen.
  • Do not take any action with your smartpen (write, record, tap on buttons, turn off pen) while it is archiving or you will not get a confirmation message that the archived succeeded.
  • Your smartpen will first ensure all your notebook data is synced to Evernote and then clear its memory of all pages and audio of the selected notebook.    
  • The process can take a long time (possibly 20 minutes or more).
  • Once archiving has completed, in Evernote your notebook and its recordings are moved to a new stack named "Archived Notebooks."  
  • Archived notes play back in Evernote just as they did before they were archived.

STEP 1 - Syncing Your Data and Connecting to WiFi

  1. Install and run the latest version of Helper (Helper for Windows or Helper for Mac).
  2. Connect your smartpen to your computer.
  3. If there is an "Install" option, click that button to update the smartpen firmware.
  4. Once it appears, click the Helper "Sync Now" button to sync any un-synced notes.
  5. IMPORTANT - Access your Evernote account at www.evernote.com and verify that all notes have synced AND notes linked to audio have green ink.  It can take several minutes for the audio to get processed.  If the notes are not green and you start the archive, the audio will not be linked to the notes in the archived notebook and there will be no way to correct this.

STEP 2 - Archiving

Archiving using Helper:

  1. Click the Helper "Archive" button.
  2. Select the notebook you want to archive and click the "Archive" button.
  3. Confirm the archive by clicking "Yes" (Windows) / "Archive" (Mac) at the prompt.

If you get an error archiving, try making a check-mark on a page in the notebook you are trying to archive and attempt the archive steps again.  If you still cannot archive, use the steps below to archive from your smartpen menu

Archiving from the Smartpen Menu:

  1. Make sure you have a WiFi connection by tapping the "Scan for Networks" button on the inside cover of your WiFi Starter Notebook and verifying there is a check-mark next to your WiFi network name.  If not then use the "Find your Network" and "Select your Network" buttons to connect to WiFi.
  2. Tap the center of the paper Menu control (bottom left corner on any page of your notebook) to activate "Main Menu".
  3. Tap down to "Settings" and then tap right.
  4. Tap down to "Archive Notebook" and then tap right to select.
  5. Tap any page (not the front or back covers - you must tap a page) of the notebook you wish to archive (this will archive your entire notebook, not just the page).
  6. Tap right to confirm that you want to archive.  
  7. When the process is finished successfully, your smartpen display will read "Notebook Archived."

You may now begin using a new notebook of the same type and series as the one you archived.

Archiving from a Status Label, Wrapping the Fore Edge of a New Notebook 

  1. Tap the Status Label wrapping the fore edge of the new notebook you want to start using.
    If your smartpen displays, "This notebook is currently in useā€¦" just double tap the Status Label to Archive the notebook you want to replace.  
  2. Double tap the label again to confirm you want to archive the old notebook and replace it with the new notebook.  
  3. When the process is finished successfully, your smartpen display will read "Notebook Archived."
  4. You may now break the seal made by the Status Label and begin using the new notebook.
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