84202 - WIFI - Lined Journals/One Subject/Three Subject Notebooks not syncing with Evernote

The notes from my WiFi Starter Notebook appear in Evernote, but notes from my Lined Journal/Three Subject Notebook are not uploading.

If you are experiencing a problem syncing the notes in your Lined Journals, One Subject Notebooks, Three Subject Notebooks, or any other paper product, this could be a result of updating the Livescribe wifi smartpen firmware using Windows Livescribe Desktop instead of the Windows Livescribe Helper app.

If you have an existing Echo or Pulse smartpen then you already had Windows Livescribe Desktop installed.  Although our setup instructions ask you to install the Livescribe Helper app before connecting the Livescribe wifi smartpen, if you docked your new Livescribe wifi smartpen without installing Livescribe Helper: 

  • Windows Livescribe Desktop would have auto-launched
  • You would have been prompted to name your Livescribe wifi smartpen
  • You would have been offered a firmware update 

If this happened and you accepted the update then Echo/Pulse paper products and applications were loaded on the Livescribe wifi smartpen, causing an incompatibility when the pen was updated a second time by the Helper app.

To confirm that the Livescribe wifi pen has Echo/Pulse apps installed:

  1. Double-tap the center of a Menu Plus in the bottom left corner of a notebook page to go to Main Menu.
  2. Tap down to "Applications" and tap right.

If "Connect" is listed as an application then there are incompatible Echo/Pulse files loaded on the Livescribe wifi pen.  In this case you will need to completely reset the Livescribe wifi pen to clear the incompatible files.  This will correct the current sync problem and help avoid additional sync problems in the future.  We apologize but unfortunately there won't be any way to save your existing data.  To resolve your issue please see 29021 - WIFI - Windows Master Reset and firmware update utility.

If "Connect" is not listed as an application then the firmware is not the problem.  Please access 84200 - WIFI - Smartpen sync with Evernote not working so that we can gather more information.

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