84200 - WIFI - Smartpen sync with Evernote not working (missing ink/audio)

Why haven't my notes and/or audio not uploaded to Evernote after a sync has been completed on my Livescribe wifi smartpen?

Normally after you have finished recording an audio session while connected to a WiFi network (20230 - WIFI - Steps to connect to a WiFi network), your Livescribe wifi smartpen will automatically perform a sync and upload your data. 

If you are writing but not recording audio you can perform a sync by tapping the "Sync Now" button on the inside cover of your WiFi Starter Notebook.

If your notes and or audio ARE syncing with Evernote but are not syncing correctly (notes appear but audio doesn't upload, notes and audio upload but are not synced together, etc.) please contact us and let us know.

If nothing is syncing please see below.

If you see "Sync Error!" during your syncs please see 25501 - Livescribe wifi smartpen OLED display shows "Sync Error!" message.

If you are not seeing an error but your notes/audio have not appeared in your Evernote account, this can happen if the Livescribe authorization with Evernote has expired or if you reset your password in Evernote.  To ensure your authorization is active please see 82153 - WIFI - Switching Evernote accounts or reauthorizing expired/revoked Evernote access for wifi smartpen uploads.

If you haven't updated your wifi smartpen with the Livescribe Helper app then please do so as this sets the time and date on the smartpen which allows syncs to occur - 20650 - WIFI - Livescribe Helper application downloads and system requirements.  The Livescribe Helper app can also sync your notes when you are in an environment that blocks WiFi access such as a work-place, K-12 school, or university that limits WiFi device connectivity (as examples).  This is also true if the network is a captive portal (20235 - WIFI - When a network requires a web page to log in) or is not compatible with the Sky/wifi smartpen (20231 - WIFI - Wireless security protocols supported by Livescribe wifi smartpen).

Another cause for notes not reaching Evernote could be the pen name. If you have a pen name with special characters (', ?, " , - , !, etc.) you will need to remove them by changing the smartpen name.  If you have a pen name with a lot of characters (i.e. 40) you will need to reduce the number of characters in the pen name in order to sync.  To do so change the pen name please see 20044 - WIFI - Changing a wifi smartpen name.

If you have changed the password on your network then your wifi smartpen will stop syncing.  To resolve this see 20236 - WIFI - Effect on wifi smartpen when network password changes.

If you sync attempts seem to be timing out, please see 84201 - WIFI - Evernote sync taking too long.

Do you also own a Livescribe Echo or Pulse smartpen?  If you do, did you accept a smartpen update from Windows Livescribe Desktop when you first docked your new Livescribe wifi smartpen?  If the notes from your WiFi Starter Notebook are appearing but notes from other paper products are not, this could be the cause.  Please see 84202 - WIFI - Lined Journals/One subject notebooks/Three Subject Notebooks not syncing with Evernote.

Please let us know if the information above does not solve your syncing issue.

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