20236 - WIFI - Effect on wifi smartpen when network password changes

What happens to the wifi smartpen when I change my network password?

If you change your network password your wifi smartpen will stop syncing.  To resolve this you will need to follow these steps to forget the network and connect again:

  1. Double-tap the center of a menu navigation button (the arrows at the bottom left of your notebook page) to go to "Main Menu".
  2. Tap down to "Settings" and tap right.
  3. Tap right to select "Wi-Fi Settings".
  4. Tap down to "Manage networks" and tap right.
  5. Tap down to "Forget a network" and tap right.
  6. Find your network and tap right. Your network will be removed.
  7. Use the WiFi Starter Notebook buttons "Scan for Networks" (inside front cover), "Find your Network", and "Select your Network".
  8. Enter your new network password. 
  9. Tap the "Sync Now" button on your notebook cover and your smartpen will start syncing again.


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