25501 - WIFI - Livescribe wifi smartpen OLED display shows “Sync Error!” message

Why does my Livescribe wifi smartpen show a "Sync Error!" message on the OLED?

If "Sync Error!" appears on your Livescribe wifi smartpen OLED display after:

  • Turning on the smartpen
  • Selecting a network
  • Tapping the "Sync Now" button on your WiFi Starter Notebook cover or WiFi sticker sheet
  • Recording audio and tapping the "stop" button

…there are a few reasons you may see this:

  • You are not connected to a WiFi network.  Tap the "Scan for Networks" button on your WiFi Starter Notebook cover or WiFi sticker sheet.  If you are connected there will be a check-mark to the left of the network name.  If there is not a check-mark use the "Find your Network" and "Select your Network" buttons to connect to the network and then try syncing again.
  • You previously connected to a network but are no longer in range of the selected network.  Try tapping the "Scan for Networks" button and make sure the network you were connected to still appears in the network list. If it does not appear then you are out of range.  Move closer to the router and try syncing again.
  • You are trying to access a captive portal network.  For more information please see 20235 - When a network requires a web page to log in.
  • There may have been too much network traffic to complete the upload.  Try tapping the "Sync Now" button again.  
  • The smartpen needs to be power cycled.  Press the smartpen power button to turn the smartpen off.  Wait 5 seconds and then press the power button to turn it back on.  Tap the "Scan for Networks" button and select your network.  Do not take notes or tap any buttons for one minute.  Tap the "Sync Now" button again.
  • The network router may need to be rebooted.  After restarting the router, try connecting and syncing again.

If the "Sync Error!" continues to appear please send us the following:

  • Length of time (seconds, minutes) after "Syncing" message does error display
  • Smartpen serial number (tap "Software Version" once on the notebook inside cover)
  • Smartpen firmware version (tap "Software Version" once more on the notebook inside cover)
  • Router manufacturer
  • Router model # (back or bottom of router)
  • Router firmware version (requires logging in to the router for this information - refer to the wireless router documentation for steps on logging in)
  • WiFi security type being used (WPA, WPA2, etc. - to get this please see 20231 - Wireless security protocols supported by Livescribe wifi smartpen)
  • Network location (home, work, school, coffee shop)
  • Number of other devices already connected to the network wirelessly (e.g. two computers, one tablet, and one smartphone with WiFi on).
  • Time of sync (please specify time zone)
  • Audio and notes recorded?
  • If audio was recorded, does it appear in the "Livescribe Recordings" folder located within the smartpen notebook folder
  • Length of session(s) that will not sync
  • The paper product(s) used
  • Number of page(s) written on

Thank you.  We will use this information to try and help troubleshoot the issue.

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