20232 - WIFI - Connecting to networks not broadcasting an SSID (hidden networks)

Can my Livescribe wifi smartpen connect to a network if it is not broadcasting an SSID?

If the network you are trying to access has hidden the SSID ("service set identification" - also referred to as a network name), you can manually add the network SSID/name in order for your Livescribe wifi smartpen to discover it.  To access this option in the smartpen Settings Menu:

  1. Double-tap the center of a Menu button (the arrows at the bottom left of your notebook page) to go the Main Menu.
  2. Tap down until "Settings" is displayed and tap right to select it.
  3. Tap right to select "Wi-Fi Settings".
  4. Tap down to "Manage networks" and tap right. 
  5. Tap down to "Manual Configuration" and tap right.
  6. Tap down through the list of networks and tap right to select your network.  The options are:
  • Open
  • WPA2-PSK
  • WPA-Enterprise (EAP-PEAP)
  • WEP

Enter the SSID using the WIFI SETUP keyboard from the Starter Notebook cover.  Then enter the network password.  NOTE:  If you selected WPA-Enterprise, you will need to enter the "domain user" name before you will be prompted for the password.

If you cannot get your smartpen to connect to the hidden network but you have verified that all of the information was entered correctly then something else may be preventing the connection.  If so, please see 25500 - WIFI - Livescribe wifi smartpen cannot find WiFi network.


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