25500 - WIFI - Livescribe wifi smartpen cannot find/connect with WiFi network

I'm trying to connect to a WiFi network but it is not appearing in my Livescribe wifi smartpen network list OR the network shows up but will not connect with the smartpen.

When you tap the "Scan for Networks" button on your WiFi Starter Notebook cover or WiFi sticker sheet, if your WiFi network is not showing up on your Livescribe wifi smartpen network list OR the network shows up but when you try to connect the smartpen just continually displays:

"Acquiring IP Address"

…and never connects, there are a few reasons you may be experiencing an issue. 

The router is not compatible with "802.11 b", "802.11 g", or "802.11 n" networks.
The smartpen firmware may need updating to ensure it works with the channel of your router.  To verify the firmware is current please see 28004 - Getting the smartpen firmware version.
The network signal strength may be the issue.  Tap the "Scan for Networks" button and cycle through the "Find your Network" list again.  You may have to try this several times before the network is detected (try at least five times to be sure).
Your smartpen needs to be power cycled in order to detect the network.  Press the power button to turn the smartpen off.  Wait 5 seconds and then press the power button to turn it back on.   Try scanning and cycling through the networks to see if the power reset made a difference (try multiple scans if the network does not show up the first time).  You can also try a hard reset of the smartpen (especially if no networks appear at all - this will not affect the data on your smartpen) by pressing and holding the power button for 10+ seconds.  Your pen will restart in a recording session.  KEEP HOLDING THE POWER BUTTON UNTIL THE SMARTPEN TURNS OFF.  Press the power button.  Your smartpen will restart with the message "livescribe… Starting…"  Try scanning for networks again.
Your router may need to be power cycled in order to provide a consistent signal to each wireless device.  Typically this means unplugging the router from its power source for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in, but to be safe refer to your wireless router documentation to confirm steps for power cycling.
The distance to the router is too great.  Get closer to the router and try scanning again.
You manually turned WiFi off (by default it should be on).  Power off the smartpen and power it back on.  If there is an "X" over  the WiFi symbol on the left side of your smartpen OLED display, tap the "WIFI Off/On" button on your notebook cover or WiFi sticker sheet.  If WiFi was off, turn it on and tap the "Scan for Networks" button again.
The router you are trying to connect to is a single band 5GHz router.  This is not likely as most 5GHz routers are dual band 5GHz/2.4GHz routers.  Single band 5GHz routers are not compatible with the Livescribe wifi smartpen.  For corporate environments, check with your IT administrator to verify if this is the case; if it is your personal router, Google the model number of your router and add "specs" to the search.  If you see "Dual Band" then your router is compatible.  NOTE:  We have had reports of some Home Gateway combination modem/routers that meet the 2.4GHz specification but are still unable to connect to the Livescribe wifi smartpen.  If your modem/router has "ADSL" or "DSL" in the specs and you are unable to connect, we hope to have a solution soon.
You intentionally logged into your home network router and set it to only accept (authenticate) MAC (Media Access Control) addresses added to a list on the router.  You will have to temporarily turn this feature off on the router, connect to your network, and then  get the smartpen MAC address by double-tapping the menu navigation button in the lower left of your notebook page and accessing "Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > MAC Address".
The network SSID (also referred to as the network name) may be hidden.  To test this, try searching for networks using another wireless device.  If the network cannot be found then it is hidden.  If so, please see 20232 - WIFI - Connecting to networks not broadcasting an SSID (hidden networks).
Your router may need a firmware upgrade. Refer to your wireless router documentation for steps on upgrading the firmware.

If the information above does not resolve the issue, please send us the following in your cs@livescribe.com email:

Smartpen firmware version (tap "Software Version" twice on the notebook inside cover)
Router manufacturer
Router model # (back or bottom of router)
Router firmware version (you will need to log into your router for this information - refer to your wireless router documentation for steps on logging in)
WiFi security type being used (WPA, WPA2, etc. - to get this please see 20231 - Wireless security protocols supported by Livescribe wifi smartpen)
Network location (home, work, coffee shop)
Number of other devices already connected to the network wirelessly (e.g. two computers, one tablet, and one smartphone with WiFi on)
Number of attempts scanning for networks

Thank you.  We will use this information to try and help troubleshoot the issue.


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