20233 - WIFI - Livescribe wifi smartpen and Personal Hotspots

Can I use my Livescribe wifi smartpen with a Personal Hotspot? 

If you would like to connect your Livescribe wifi smartpen to the Internet through a smartphone or tablet, check your device's specifications to see if it supports Personal Hotspots as the the Livescribe wifi smartpen can connect to a Personal Hotspot network (not to be confused with an Ad Hoc network - see 20234 - Using the Livescribe wifi smartpen with Computer-to-Computer Ad Hoc networks).

A Personal Hotspot refers to an Internet-sharing feature that uses a WiFi connection through your cellular data plan (this is also referred to as a "Mobile Hotspot", and is sometimes called "Tethering" a device).  

Many mobile device manufacturers support Personal Hotspots.  If your device supports this feature, check with your cellular carrier to see if they can enable a Personal Hotspot on your cellular data plan (they may also be able to tell you if your device is supported).

If your device also supports Evernote it may be ideal for running the Personal Hotspot, allowing your Livescribe wifi smartpen notes to upload to Evernote, and then viewing those notes on the device's Evernote app.  Check here for mobile devices supported by Evernote - www.evernote.com/evernote.

If you have enabled a Personal Hotspot but your Livescribe wifi smartpen does not detect the network, please see 25500 - Livescribe wifi smartpen cannot find WiFi network.

If your Livescribe wifi smartpen does connect to the network but displays a "Sync Error!" when trying to upload notes, please see 25501 - Livescribe wifi smartpen OLED shows message "Sync Error!"

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