20016 - WIFI - Transcribing wifi smartpen audio recordings using TranscribeMe

Can I transcribe my wifi smartpen audio recordings to text?

You can transcribe your Livescribe wifi smartpen audio recordings to text using TranscribeMe and Evernote.  

NOTE:  Livescribe 3 / Livescribe+ files can be transcribed by following this workaround (iPhone only): http://transcribeme.com/livescribepdf/.  

TranscribeMe is a pay by the minute service that allows you to record a single speaker or multiple speakers using your smartpen and then convert that conversation to text - http://transcribeme.com/.  The audio must be uploaded to Evernote first before it can be transcribed.

The process to transcribe your audio is simple.  Just: 

  1. Go to http://portal.transcribeme.com/Account/Register to set up your account.  When you use your email address that is linked to an Evernote account, a "TranscribeMe" notebook is created in your notebook list.  A "TranscribeMe" tag is also created under your "Tags" list.
  2. Link your TranscribeMe and Evernote accounts by following the instructions on the TranscribeMe and Evernote landing page https://portal.transcribeme.com/evernote. First click the orange "Go to Evernote!" button, and then sign into Evernote to link your accounts.  Once linked, a "TranscribeMe" notebook is created in your notebook list.  A "TranscribeMe" tag is also created under your "Tags" list.
  3. Sync your audio pencasts with Evernote over-the-air or by using the Livescribe Helper app.  If you took notes during the recording, the uploaded files will appear within the folder of the notebook you wrote in. If you did not take notes, the recordings will appear within the "Livescribe Recordings" folder.
  4. Once the files show up in Evernote, you can either add a tag named "TranscribeMe" to each file or simply drag the files to the "TranscribeMe" folder.

You will receive your audio transcript straight back into the Evernote folder that the file came from.  In addition you will also receive it as an attachment in your email. 

For details on the billing process, as well as changing your file details if those details are nonstandard (e.g. not 2-3 speakers, 2-3 business day turnaround, Clean Verbatim, US English, etc), please see this FAQ - http://transcribeme.com/how-to-order-transcripts-using-evernote/.  

For details on response times and issues with the transcription process or orders please see www.transcribeme.com/support or you can email support@transcribeme.com.

Echo and Pulse customers can also use the TranscribeMe service by exporting the audio as an M4A file. To learn how you can do this, just follow the steps in 80507 - ECHO/PULSE - Using TranscribeMe to convert audio to text.

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