82209 - WIFI - Syncing a wifi smartpen that is almost full

How do I sync my wifi smartpen if it is almost full? 

If your Livescribe wifi smartpen is almost full a circled exclamation mark will appear on the right side of your smartpen OLED display (see 20306 - Smartpen OLED symbols).  If you see this indicator and have not synced in a long time (e.g. there is a lot of data that still needs to be sent to Evernote), it is possible that syncing over the air will result in a sync failure.  In this case use the Livescribe Helper app to sync your data instead - 82206 - WIFI - Syncing wifi smartpen data with Evernote when unable to sync using WiFi (use sync over cable).  Once you have synced successfully you should remove some data from your smartpen by referencing 82500 - Freeing smartpen memory / archiving notebooks.

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