20237 - WIFI - Connecting to WiFi at a school or office that requires a MAC address

How can I get the MAC address of my wifi smartpen so that my IT department can register it and give it access to the WiFi network?

If your school or office allows registering devices for internet access based on their MAC (Media Access Control) addresses:

  1. Turn on your smartpen.
  2. Double-tap the center of the menu navigation button (the arrows at the bottom left of your notebook page) to go to the Main Menu.
  3. Tap down until Settings is displayed and tap right.
  4. Tap right to select Wi-Fi Settings.
  5. Tap down to MAC Address and tap right.  The MAC address will appear on the display in the format of "dc:71:44:33:77:40".  If the display is blank then you will need to update the firmware on your smartpen and repeat these steps.  Please see 20440 - WIFI - Getting wifi smartpen firmware updates.
  6. Forward your smartpen MAC address to your campus/office IT group through whatever process is in place to register devices for internet access.

If you are unable to get the MAC address or your campus/office does not have a process in place to register MAC addresses you can instead try syncing over cable by referencing 82206 - WIFI - Syncing wifi smartpen data with Evernote when unable to sync using WiFi (use sync over cable).

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