20362 - WIFI - “WIFI SHARE” buttons not working in WiFi Starter Notebook

Why don't the "WIFI SHARE" buttons work in my WiFi Starter Notebook?

As our blog from April 2013 mentions we did intend to activate the WIFI SHARE buttons based on the Pencast PDF platform we had been using for the Echo/Pulse smartpens, but upon further research discovered that more than 70% of WiFi smartpen customers use an iPhone® or iPad® regularly. Because Pencast PDF uses Flash, it became apparent that Pencast PDF was not the right solution for our WiFi smartpen customers.

Since that time we believe that we have found a solution that will work to either replace or work with the WIFI SHARE buttons in the Starter WiFi notebooks.  This blog offers some additional information on our cross-platform plan: 


Once more concrete details are available in the months to come, we will be letting our WiFi smartpen users know what our final solution will be.


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