20361 - WIFI - Using Livescribe wifi smartpens with tablets and smartphones

Can I use the Livescribe wifi smartpen with my tablet or smartphone?

Evernote has free mobile apps for iOS and Android based tablets, but for the initial setup of the Livescribe wifi smartpen you will need to use a PC or Mac to update and activate the smartpen - 20650 - Livescribe Helper application downloads and system requirements.

To view your notes after they have been synced, just install the Evernote app on your device and log into your Evernote account.  You will have quick, up-to-date access to everything you have written and recorded with the Livescribe wifi smartpen.

Alternatively, you can log into Evernote via your default mobile device browser to view your notes and play your audio.

NOTE: Please make sure you have the latest version of Evernote on your iPhone or iPad (version 5.1.1 or later). 

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