20360 - WIFI - How to use the Livescribe wifi smartpen

How do I use the Livescribe wifi smartpen?

Once you have registered your Livescribe wifi smartpen (20260 - WIFI - Registering a Livescribe wifi smartpen) and installed the latest firmware (20440 - WIFI - Getting wifi smartpen firmware updates), you are ready to start setting your words, ideas, and notes free!

Smartpen & Paper
Simply power on the Livescribe wifi smartpen, connect to a local WiFi network if one is available, and begin writing, drawing or doodling.

The Livescribe wifi smartpen automatically captures everything you write.  If you want to record audio, simply tap the "record" button printed at the bottom of the page in your Livescribe notebook.  Now your smartpen is capturing everything you write and hear.  Tap the "stop" button to finish your audio recording.  To play back the audio, tap anywhere on your handwritten notes - you will hear what was said at that exact moment in time.  Use the other printed audio controls to jump forward or back or even speed-up or slow-down recorded audio.

Online & In Your Digital World
When you have a WiFi connection your recorded notes and audio will be wirelessly sent and securely stored in your personal Evernote account.  Sending and syncing happens when you:

  • Tap on "stop" after recording audio.
  • Tap on the "Sync Now" button on the inside cover of the WiFi Starter Notebook (or on the included stickers). 
  • Tap on the shortcut button #1 printed on the top of your Starter notebook pages. 
  • First connect to a WiFi network. 
  • Dock your smartpen to the USB charging cable and your smartpen senses no activity (writing, recording, etc.) for more than a minute.

Note: Syncing will be interrupted if you start recording new audio.  

When your notes arrive in your personal Evernote account, you can quickly search, share, and replay your lectures, meetings, and ideas any time, on nearly any computer or mobile device.  The wifi smartpen is the perfect companion for your tablet, PC, Mac, or smartphone.  It starts on paper - where it goes from there is up to you!

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