84252 - WIFI - Evernote pages out of order / showing incorrect time stamp

Why are the Livescribe wifi pages out of order / showing the wrong time stamp when I upload and view them in Evernote?

Prior to 3/28/13 there were three issues with the appearance of notes in Evernote:

  • Pages 1-9 did not have a preceding 0, so they were showing up in the order of Page 1, Page 10, Page 11, Page 12, Page 13,…, Page 2, Page 20,…, Page 3, Page 30, etc.
  • In rare cases multiple audio sessions that were synced at the same time displayed with a slightly different time from when they were created, so items sorted by date/time created were not necessarily ordered by the true date/time created. 
  • All notes/recordings had a Pacific U.S. timestamp in Evernote even if the user was in another time zone when they created the notes/recordings.   

All of these issues have been resolved.  Going forward:   

  • For pages that are currently showing the wrong page order (1-9), turn on your wifi smartpen, tap somewhere on each page, sync your data (tap the "Sync Now" button on your WiFi Notebook inside cover or use the Livescribe Helper app), refresh Evernote, and your page ordering will appear correctly.
  • Audio files are no longer appearing with inaccurate creation dates/times.  Unfortunately there is no way to correct the creation date/time for notes synced prior to this fix.
  • New notes and recordings will now show a creation date/time in Evernote that matches the creation date/time on the wifi smartpen, regardless of the time zone the user is syncing from (for recordings you can verify this by referencing 20302 - Playing audio sessions from the smartpen).  Unfortunately there is no way to correct the creation date/time for notes synced prior to this fix.

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