84251 - WIFI - Unable to delete recording in free Evernote account

Why can't I delete an audio recording from my free Evernote account?

If you are trying to delete a recording from within the "Livescribe Recordings" folder but you a have the free Basic Evernote account you will get this message:

"The operation you are attempting to perform would exceed the maximum allowed note size of 25MB.

Upgrade to Evernote Premium and increase your maximum allowed note size to 100MB…"

This message appears because free Evernote accounts do not allow the editing of Livescribe notes.  If you want to keep the free Evernote account, to get rid of the audio recording you would need to delete from the notebook the entire note that contains the audio and then empty it from the Trash.  You cannot delete the audio that is attached to the note and keep the note handwriting portion intact without upgrading your Evernote account.


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