82002 - WiFi smartpen, Livescribe, and Evernote security

How secure is the transfer and storage of my notes in the cloud?

Livescribe and Evernote take data security very seriously.   

During every data sync of your Livescribe wifi smartpen, the note and audio data is transmitted securely to Livescribe Web Servers using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) communications protocol (see WIKI reference), an industry-standard for secure communication over the Internet.  This is in addition to any security protocol that your WiFi network is using.

When the processed data is then forwarded from Livescribe to Evernote, the same HTTPS standard is used for that data transmission.

Additionally Livescribe has enhanced security in place that protects all Livescribe content in your Evernote account with a secure 64-bit content access key when it is played in Livescribe Player.  This protects all existing content and provides enhanced security when sharing notes with others.

Everything you put into an Evernote synchronized notebook is stored in their secure data center with multiple redundant servers, storage devices and off-site backups. Communication between Evernote clients and their servers is encrypted via industry-standard SSL. Your passwords are never stored or shared by Evernote. For more information about their data protection policy, please read Evernote's post entitled 3 Laws for Data Protection.


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