82207 - WIFI - Amount of time it takes to sync wifi smartpen data with Evernote

How long does it take for my wifi smartpen notes and audio to show up in Evernote?

The length of time it takes for your notes and audio to show up in Evernote can vary depending on the number of pages written on, the amount of audio recorded, the audio recording quality used (medium is the default),  and the upload speed of the WiFi network used.

On average a one hour audio session with notes on a page can take up to 20 minutes to appear and have green playable ink, although we are continually working on improving this time.   

The note page image will appear first as black ink and then the ink will turn green when the audio has loaded.

NOTE:  If syncing gets interrupted before the file is complete, your notes may transfer (as they are sent first) but the complete audio file (every recorded session since your last successful sync) will have to be re-uploaded the next time you sync.  If you have a lot of audio that has not uploaded, try connecting to a network overnight (plug the wifi smartpen into a USB charging cable and leave it connected to the computer so it remains charged while syncing).

For a faster upload you can also try syncing over cable by referencing 82206 - WIFI - Syncing wifi smartpen data with Evernote when unable to sync using WiFi (use sync over cable).

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