84201 - WIFI - Evernote sync taking too long

Why are my wifi smartpen notes taking so long to upload to Evernote?

If you have written a small amount of notes (less than a page) and/or recorded a short audio session (a few minutes for example) but your wifi smartpen continues to show "Syncing" for a very long time (45 minutes or longer) this could be caused by:

Writing in more than one notebook while recording a session.  Recording and writing across multiple notebooks is not supported and may cause a slowdown for syncs, although results are inconsistent. Should you do this, any audio session recorded will only be linked to and playable from the pages of the first notebook (green ink).  Additional notebooks written in while recording that session will not contain that session's audio (black ink).
Interrupted syncs OR multiple sessions recorded since the last WiFi connection.  Please see 82207 - Amount of time it takes to sync Livescribe wifi smartpen data with Evernote.
Network traffic. Please:

Access http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest.
Select "San Francisco, CA".
In your cs@livescribe.com email send us your UPLOAD SPEED rating in Mbps.
Please also include the amount of notes taken  (half page, one page, three pages) and the length of the audio recording(s)

We will use that information to investigate the sync issue you are reporting.



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