82300 - WIFI - Pencasts and playing them in Evernote with the Livescribe Player

What is a pencast and how does it work in Evernote?

A pencast is an interactive digital copy of your notes and audio captured with a smartpen.  It is time-stamped, animated, and can be played back in either a linear fashion like a movie (click or tap the play button) or in a non-linear fashion by clicking/tapping directly on any specific word or area of a drawing in your notes. 

Pencasts created with the Livescribe wifi smartpen can be replayed within the integrated Evernote experience using Livescribe's HTML5 based application - Livescribe Player.  

NOTE:  This Livescribe Player application requires a compatible (non-Firefox) browser and an internet connection for all versions of Evernote including cloud, desktop, tablet, and phone.  

For a list of compatible browsers, please see 82301 - Browsers supported by Livescribe Player.

Just click on the thumbnail and then click on full page view to open the pencast in your default browser.  If your default browser is not compatible, copy the URL of the page that opened and then paste it into the address bar of a compatible browser window. 

Using the Settings options of Livescribe Player (gear icon in the upper right corner) you can: 

  • Change the color of animated ink and annotated ink (ink written while playing back a session on the smartpen)
  • Turn off preview strokes when the recording plays
  • Turn off auto page turning so that you remain on the page from which you started the session

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