82258 - WIFI - Sharing notes and audio from Evernote

How can I share the notes and audio that I have uploaded to Evernote?

You can share your notes and audio that you have uploaded to Evernote from Evernote Web or Evernote Desktop by following the steps below.

NOTE:  If you want to share notes that contain audio recorded across several pages of your notebook (e.g. you started recording on page 4 and then 5, 6 and 7), share the first page you started recording and writing on first (page 4 in this example) as this is the first page seen when someone starts playing the recording.  If you decide to send another page (like page 6), the person viewing the notes will still be able to navigate to the other pages using the navigation controls at the top of the Livescribe Player window, but the audio will begin from the first page (page 4).  

To share your notes/audio:

  1. Select the Notebooks folder on the left that contains the page(s) you are sharing.  If you are sharing a recording that is not linked to notes, access the "Livescribe Recordings" folder on the left.
  2. Select the page/audio session you want to share from the central thumbnail view pane.  Note that you can select multiple notes/recordings by holding down "Ctrl" (Windows) / "command" (Mac), but if you select them out of order (e.g. page 4, 7, 6, 5) they will be displayed out of order after they are shared.  Also your share options will be limited to only Email when selecting multiple notes/recordings.  IMPORTANT: Do not use the Merge option as this feature is not supported for Livescribe notes - 82254 - WIFI - Merging notes in Evernote.
  3. Click on "Share" in the upper right corner (for Mac Evernote Desktop, this will be a right arrow icon).
  4. Select how you want to share (by Email, Link, etc.).

NOTE:  Only sharing via "Email" allows the recipient to play back a pencast in Livescribe Player.  All other methods of sharing will share an image of the note page.  However, instead of using the Evernote Share options, when viewing the pencast in Livescribe Player you can copy the URL from the browser address bar and send or post that link.  This work-around will allow the recipient to play the pencast in Livescribe Player without an issue.  We are working with Evernote on resolving the Share option so that this copied URL work-around will no longer be necessary. 

If you have questions about sharing or need support, please contact Evernote from their support page https://evernote.com/contact/support/.

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