82253 - WIFI - Renaming and moving notes in Evernote (organizing notes using custom notebooks)

Can I rename individual notes created with the wifi smartpen and move them to new folders within Evernote?

Livescribe wifi smartpen notes uploaded to Evernote are "Read Only" and cannot be renamed as each note name must remain the name of the notebook and page number to allow you to add other content such as photos, videos, documents, etc. within the same notebook and not lose any content or files you add the next time a note is updated.  

You can however rename the notebook.  

You can also create new custom notebook folders, name those folders (by topic or project for example), and file your notes in the appropriate folders by moving them.

NOTE: If you modify a moved note (add writing to the actual notebook page using your smartpen), in Evernote Web the note you moved will be moved back to the original notebook but any tags you made will remain.  In Evernote Desktop, the note you moved will remain in the notebook you moved it to, but any tags you added may be removed upon the next sync.  If you wait to move and tag notes until you have finished writing on the corresponding notebook pages you will avoid this issue.

To create a new notebook:

Evernote Web

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow next to "Personal Notebooks" at the top of the Notebook View List on the left.
  2. Select "New Notebook…"
  3. Add a Notebook name.
  4. Click "Save". 

Evernote Desktop

  1. Click on "File" (top menu) and then "New Notebook…"  You can also right-click (Windows) / control-click (Mac) on "Notebooks" at the top of the Notebook List view and select "Create Notebook…"  This creates a top-level notebook.  Additionally you can right-click (Windows) / control-click (Mac) on a notebook name in the Notebook List and select "Create Notebook in <notebook name>…"  This creates and inserts a notebook within the notebook.
  2. Enter a Name for the notebook.
  3. Choose "Synchronized notebook" (default) or "Local notebook".  Synchronized notebooks will update Evernote web when the Evernote desktop "Sync" button is clicked.  When you sync Evernote on your other devices, the notebook will update there as well.  Local notebooks will not update Evernote web or any other Evernote devices.
  4. Click "OK".

To move notes:

Evernote Web and Desktop

  1. Click on the note in the central view pane.
    Hold down the mouse button and drag the note to the new notebook folder.  

Release the mouse to drop the note into the folder.

Evernote Desktop

  1. In the desktop you can also right-click (Windows) / control-click (Mac) on the note in the central pane.
  2. Select "Move Note" (Win) / "Move to Notebook" (Mac) to select the notebook you want to move it to.

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