82251 - WIFI - Using a Livescribe wifi smartpen “Note” in Evernote

What is a wifi smartpen "Note" in Evernote and how is it used? 

Livescribe wifi smartpen notes and audio have the following special characteristics in Evernote.

  • Each of your wifi smartpen notebooks is displayed under a "stack" named for your smartpen.
  • Each page you write on with your wifi smartpen is transferred to your Evernote account as its own note.  Pages are stored in the Evernote notebook that corresponds to the notebook you wrote in.

    Click any of your notebook pages to launch Livescribe Player.  Livescribe Player will launch in your web browser, playing back the audio and animating the ink strokes on the page you selected.

    NOTE:  Your computer or mobile device must be connected to the internet when you play back a pencast in Livescribe Player. 


  • Each audio recording you make with your smartpen is transferred to your Evernote account as its own note. Audio files are stored in your "Livescribe Recordings" notebook and can be downloaded from there.
  • To protect your content as you continue to sync and update pages, smartpen notes in Evernote are read-only.

    You cannot edit your smartpen notes in Evernote, but you can create new folders, move notes to them, and tag notes to help find them later.  For more information please see these articles:

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