25505 - WIFI - Livescribe wifi smartpen display shows “Connecting…” but never connects to network

My Livescribe wifi smartpen display shows "Connecting…" but it never connects to the network.  What should I do?

If your Livescribe wifi smartpen displays "Connecting…" after selecting a network (and entering a password if prompted) but never changes to "Acquiring IP address…" then:

  1. Press the power button on your smartpen to turn it off.
  2. Wait five seconds and press power again to turn the smartpen on. 
  3. Double-tap the menu navigation button in the lower left of your notebook page and access "Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Manage Networks > Forget all networks".
  4. Scan for networks again and select your network once more.
  5. If the smartpen display shows "Empty" when scanning for networks, or does find a network but gets stuck on "Connecting", do a hard reset by following the steps in the article below and then repeat the steps above.

    28006 - Smartpen Hard Reset 

This should resolve the "Connecting…" issue.  If your smartpen can detect the network but the "Connecting…" message does not go away OR the smartpen cannot detect the network any longer, please see 25500 - Livescribe wifi smartpen cannot find WiFi network.

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