20365 - WIFI - Turning smartpen WiFi on or off

How do I turn my smartpen's WiFi on or off?

If you want to conserve battery when you are using your Livescribe wifi smartpen to record notes and audio, you can turn off WiFi until you need to upload your notes to Evernote.  When you turn WiFi back on, your notes will start synching with Evernote. 

To turn WiFi off or on:

Using the Notebook

Tap the "WiFi Off/On" button on the inside front cover of your WiFi Starter Notebook.

Using the Smartpen Settings

  1. Double-tap the center of the menu navigation button in the lower left corner of your notebook and tap down to "Settings" and tap right to select.
  2. Tap right on "Wi-Fi Settings".
  3. Tap down to "Wi-Fi On/Off" and tap right.
  4. Select "Off" or "On" and tap right to make the selection. 

To see how this setting can affect your battery performance, please see 20311 - Hours of smartpen battery use before charging.

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