85300 - ECHO/PULSE - Smartpen not transferring all of notes and/or audio OR Livescribe Desktop is not synching notes with audio

Why is my smartpen not transferring all of my notes and/or audio sessions OR why is Livescribe Desktop not synching my notes with audio?

Why is my smartpen not transferring all of my notes and/or audio sessions OR why is Livescribe Desktop not synching my notes with audio?

If your smartpen is not being recognized by Livescribe Desktop please see:

85121 - Why is my smartpen not recognized by the software when I run Windows Livescribe Desktop?


85131 - Why is my smartpen not recognized by the software when I run Mac Livescribe Desktop?

If your smartpen is being recognized by the Livescribe Desktop software but your notes or audio (or both) are not transferring properly, please see below.

NOTE: If you have an Echo smartpen and it was docked to your USB charging cable while you were taking notes and/or recording audio, you will need to disconnect it from the USB charging cable and reconnect it in order for your notes to transfer to Livescribe Desktop.

Mac Customers: If you experience a transfer problem where the "Transfer progress - Penlet Info" window appears after the smartpen is docked but the transfer never completes, try closing Connect by holding down the "control" key, clicking on the Connect icon in your Dock, selecting "Quit", disconnecting your smartpen from the USB cable and reconnecting it. Another reason you may experience this issue is if orderbytes "ControllerMate" software is installed. If it is (even though you aren't seeing an error) please see 85320 - Mac - Livescribe Desktop message "There was an error connecting to your smartpen. Please re-dock your smartpen and try again..."

  1. Make sure your charging cable is plugged into a USB port directly on the back of your computer, not a port on the side or front of the computer, and not into a USB hub, docking station, keyboard, or monitor port.  You can try a different port on the back of your computer to get the transfer to complete.
  2. Disconnect your smartpen from the USB charging cable.
  3. Verify the firmware on your smartpen is current by accessing 28004 - Getting the smartpen firmware version.


There are two issues listed below.

Audio Transfers but Pages do not
If you have notes that are linked to recorded audio and the audio files are showing up in Audio View but the pages are consistently not showing up in Pages View, you may have reached the limit of ink stroke memory storage.  

The notebook "storage" button does not report the amount of storage space available for ink on pages, but if you have several notebooks stored on the smartpen (three full notebooks with very dense writing up to approximately nine semi-full notebooks) you may need to archive a notebook you no longer need stored on the smartpen in order to free up some ink stroke memory.  For more information please reference 80005 - Why should I archive a notebook?

Audio and Pages Transfer but not Synched
If you have notes that are linked to recorded audio that are not transferring to Livescribe Desktop properly (no green ink when you view the note page in Livescribe Desktop)

  1. Start audio playback on the smartpen by tapping the ink on one of the notebook pages you were writing on when you recorded the audio session that didn't transfer properly.  
  2. Make a note on the page (a simple check-mark on the page will do).
  3. Connect your smartpen to the USB charging cable and the data should start transferring.
  4. If you still have an issue, try exporting to your desktop the notebook that has the synch problem as a .Pencast file and then double-click the .Pencast file to re-import into Livescribe Desktop to resolve the issue. For steps please reference 80504 - How do I export my pages and audio as a .Pencast file using Livescribe Desktop?
  5. In the unlikely event that you still cannot transfer your notes and/or audio, please reference 201210 - Windows - Renaming the Livescribe Desktop data folder or 201220 - Mac - Renaming the Livescribe Desktop folder.
  6. If a rename does not resolve the issue then please reference the steps in this article 85402 - Ever since a firmware update my smartpen will not play the audio by tapping the notes in my notebook and when I transfer my notes with audio to Livescribe Desktop, the ink is black instead of green in Pages View. In Audio View the recorded session is available to play. Why are the notes not synched with the audio?  


NOTE FOR MISSING PAGE(S): If the smartpen was turned on while writing/recording, then the data was likely captured.  If it did not transfer to Livescribe Desktop, it is likely due to an error processing the ink strokes for the missing page(s).

When this happens, rather than preventing all future notes from transferring and requiring a complete smartpen reset, just the offending page is ignored during the transfer.  

Nothing displays on the smartpen OLED to indicate this extremely rare issue.  Should this occur and you need the notes for that page to appear in Livescribe Desktop, if there is no audio associated with the notes then simply trace over the notes, connect your smartpen and the updated notes will transfer.

If there is audio associated with the notes, the audio will have transferred to Livescribe Desktop but will not be linked to the notes (i.e. green ink).  To link the notes and audio:

  1. Turn on your smartpen.
  2. On the notebook page that did not transfer, tap the ink of the first note you made to start audio playback from the smartpen.  
  3. Start tracing over your notes.
  4. Stop playback when you reach the end of the page.
  5. Connect your smartpen.
  6. The updated notes will now transfer and be linked to the audio as annotated notes.


After reviewing the information above if you still have an issue, please send us your log files by accessing:

201010 - Windows - Requesting Log Files and Screenshot(s)


201020 - Mac - Requesting Mac Log Files and Screenshot(s)


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