80504 - ECHO/PULSE - Exporting notebooks, pages, or audio as .pencast files using Livescribe Desktop

How do I export my notebooks, pages or audio .pencast files using Livescribe Desktop?

If you would like to export your pages, audio sessions, or notebooks as .pencast files so that they can be imported into another Windows or Mac Livescribe Desktop (or simply to back the files up), use the "Computer" Connector send option to send the file to your desktop (the default location).  

NOTE: Mac users - If you wish to export entire notebooks, due to the size of the .pencast files and length of time it takes to import and index them, we recommend exporting the notebooks 50 pages at a time.  This will help ensure the success of importing the files later.  Once imported the sessions will be indexed which will be indicated on the bottom left edge of the Livescribe Desktop window.  You will not be able to use the imported file(s) with Connect until they are finished indexing.

To export:

Windows users

Right-click on the notebook name, notebook page(s), or audio file(s) (from Audio view) you wish to export (use Shift + Ctrl keys to multi-select pages or audio) and use the "Send file name to… > Computer…" option.

From Pages view you can also drag the notebook page(s) to the Computer connector icon.

Mac users

Drag the notebook, notebook page(s), or audio file(s) (from Sessions view) you wish to export (use shift + command keys to multi-select pages or audio) to the Computer connector icon. 

For instructions on importing .pencast files please see 80410 - Importing .pencast files.


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