80410 - ECHO/PULSE - Importing Livescribe Desktop .pencast files

How do I import a .pencast file into Livescribe or Echo Desktop?

Importing a .pencast file into Livescribe Desktop or Echo Desktop is easy.  Just save the file to your Windows or Mac desktop and double-click it.  Livescribe Desktop will open (Livescribe Desktop needs to already be installed.  Otherwise you will need to install Echo Desktop - www.livescribe.com/install) and the file will appear on the left under "Imported Notebooks" (Win) / "Imported Pencasts" (Mac).

If you want to export a .pencast file from Livescribe Desktop to send to someone else please see 80504 - Exporting pages and audio as a pencast file using Livescribe Desktop.

If you have Echo Desktop installed and want to export a Livescribe PDF file (Echo Desktop does not export .pencast files) to share with someone else that has Echo Desktop installed, please see 80960 - ECHO/PULSE - Sharing/Exporting Echo Desktop pencasts and notes (Livescribe Desktop cannot import Echo Desktop files).

NOTE:  Large Livescribe Desktop .pencast files can take several minutes to import.  If you have more than one to import, wait for each pencast to appear in Livescribe Desktop or Echo Desktop before double-clicking on the next one.  In some cases if the file is too large (such as an entire notebook) it won't import.  Have the sender send sections of the notebook instead (such as 50 pages at a time).

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