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How do I print my own notepads/notebooks using Livescribe Desktop?

To print your own notepads/notebooks using Livescribe Desktop you will need a Color LaserJet Printer that is Adobe PostScript compatible and can print at 600dpi or higher.

NOTE:  Due to the complexity of printing dot map patterns, your printer must be able to print in "PostScript" and in color.  Go to your manufacturer's web site and look up your LaserJet model number "specs" or "specifications".   If "PostScript compatible…" or "PostScript emulation…" is listed in the specifications, then your printer can print dot map patterns (printers that list "PCL-#", "BR-Script #", or anything else other than "PostScript" cannot print dot-map paper that will work with the Livescribe smartpen).

To print a notepad, first verify that your printer can correctly print Livescribe dot paper.  

To do so: 

  1. Open Livescribe Desktop.
  2. Connect your smartpen to the USB charging cable.  NOTE:  The print option below will not be available in Windows Livescribe Desktop until you connect a smartpen.
  3. Windows users - From the top Menu select the "Tools > Printable Notepads" option and then "Test Page (1 Page)…"  Mac users - From the top Menu select the "Tools > Print Your Own Notebook…" option. 
  4. If not already displayed, select the PostScript LaserJet printer from the drop-down list.
  5. Click "Print" (Win) / "Print Test Page" (Mac).   

TIP:  Not all LaserJet Postscript compatible printers have the PostScript driver installed by default.  After following the steps above, if your printer does not print the Test Page you may need to install a PostScript printer driver manually.  If you have your printer Installation CD you could try running the installer once more and look for an option to install a driver with "PS" in the title.  Printer installation steps vary so if you do not see this driver as an option look for an "Advanced" or "Custom" option during the install.

Your printer manufacturer's web site may have a PostScript driver you can download as well.

Adobe also offers universal PostScript drivers (your printer still needs to be PostScript compatible):

Adobe PostScript printer drivers for Windows

Adobe PostScript printer drivers for Mac

NOTE: By default the printer "Resizing Options" setting for most LaserJet printers should be set to "Actual Size" or the equivalent option for that printer.  If this size option setting was altered (it shows "Scale to fit", "Fit", or "% of actual size" and is set to less than 100%) you should change this back to print in "Actual Size" or the equivalent option for that printer.  Otherwise the smartpen will not be able to read the dot map on the pages because all of the dots will have changed position due to the altered grid size.

Also if the printer is set to a higher "virtual" resolution (e.g. it is a 600dpi printer that was changed to a virtual setting of 2400dpi), change the resolution back to 600dpi to prevent problems printing the dot map.

When the Test Page is finished printing, follow the instructions printed on the page using your smartpen. The instructions ask you to write some words in each of four areas and then dock your smartpen to your computer.

Next, in Livescribe Desktop, examine the Test Page after it has transferred from your smartpen.  If all of your words transfer successfully, then your printer can print Livescribe dot paper and you can begin printing your own notepads.

To print a notepad:

Repeat the steps above but select the notepad number you want to print (1-4).

Livescribe Desktop will print a notepad/notebook that you can use just like any other Livescribe dot paper.  When you dock your smartpen after writing on this paper, your content will transfer the same as any pre-printed Livescribe notebook or journal.

If you have an issue printing the dot notepads using Livescribe Desktop you can also try printing them through a browser using the links below.

NOTE: Works best with Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Firefox and Safari can take much longer to load the page and may cause printing errors.


NOTE: When opening in a browser window the page(s) will need to completely load before the icon bar appears with the Print button.  Mouse over the bottom areas of the window to see the button bar.  Before printing, be sure the Size Option is set to "Actual Size" or the equivalent (not "Scale to fit", "Fit", or "% of actual size").  Some browser plug-ins emulate Reader but do not print with the same quality as Adobe Reader. If you are printing through a browser but the smartpen does not react to the dot paper, try downloading the PDF to your local machine by mousing over the notebook link, right-clicking (Win) / control-clicking (Mac), and selecting "Save link as…"  Once the notebook is downloaded, print it using Adobe Reader with "Page Scaling:" set to "Fit to Printable Area".  Also make sure you are printing in color, not black and white.

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