80221 - ECHO/PULSE - Uninstalling Mac Livescribe Desktop and Livescribe Connect

How do I uninstall the Mac Livescribe Desktop and Livescribe Connect software?

Livescribe Desktop and Connect have been replaced by the Echo Desktop application, so if you uninstall them you will be permanently removing them from your machine.  To uninstall Mac Livescribe Desktop and Connect from your system:

  1. Activate your "Finder" menu by clicking somewhere on an unused area of your desktop.  
  2. From the menu options at the top of your desktop (Finder, File, Edit, View, Go, etc.) select Go > Applications.  Unless it has been moved, "Livescribe Desktop" will be located in the "Applications" folder of the install drive. 
  3. Drag "Livescribe Desktop" to "Trash".  
  4. Drag "Livescribe Connect" to "Trash".   


The Livescribe Desktop and Connect applications are now uninstalled.

To install the Echo Desktop software, go to www.livescribe.com/install.

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