80102 - ECHO/PULSE – Echo/Livescribe Desktop M4A audio file format

What audio format does the Echo or Livescribe Desktop save files in?  

Echo and Livescribe Desktop uses the popular Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) file format when saving smartpen recordings for playback using Echo or Livescribe Desktop.  

The files can then be exported from Echo or Livescribe Desktop in the M4A format and played by other media applications such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, and QuickTime Player.

If you want your audio file to be in an MP3 or other file format, you will need to use third party audio conversion software as Echo Desktop and Livescribe Desktop only export to M4A.

If you would like to export your audio files please reference:

Echo Desktop - 80960 - ECHO/PULSE - Sharing/Exporting Echo Desktop pencasts and notes

Livescribe Desktop - 80407 - How do I send (share) my pages and audio using Livescribe Desktop?

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