80407 - How do I send (share) my pages and audio using Livescribe Desktop?

How do I send (share) my pages and audio using Livescribe Desktop and Livescribe Connect?

Beginning with Livescribe Desktop version 2.7.0 there are many ways to send your pages and audio using Livescribe Desktop.

If you have an earlier version of Livescribe Desktop, you can download and install the latest version from www.livescribe.com/install.

Below are the steps to follow in order for Livescribe Desktop Connect to send your files.  

Connect must be running before proceeding.  For 64-bit machines you can run "Livescribe Connect.exe" from C:\Program Files (x86)\Livescribe\Livescribe Connect.  For 32-bit machines you can run it from C:\Program Files\Livescribe\Livescribe Connect.

Before using the send steps below, please set up your Connectors by opening Livescribe Desktop and from the top menu selecting "Help > Online Help" and reference the "Livescribe Connect User Guide > Installing and Configuring > Configuring Connectors" section.

After setting up your Connectors we also strongly recommend you read 80451 - Helpful tips for using the different Connector, Shortcut and file format send options.


From Pages View select a notebook from the Library in the left Navigation Pane and then click the page in Thumbnail view to select a single page, or use your Shift + Ctrl (Windows) / shift + command (Mac) keys to select multiple pages.  You can also double-click a thumbnail to open it in Single Page view.  

From Audio View click on the Paper Replay recording that you want to send.  You can use your Shift + Ctrl (Windows) / shift + command (Mac) keys to select multiple audio sessions.

NOTE: If you send pages that were linked to an audio session but you only select some and not all of the pages that were linked to the audio, when the pencast is played back all of the audio will be played but the missing page(s) of notes will not be available to view (e.g. audio was recorded while writing in pages 1, 2 and 3 of a notebook, but only pages 1 and 2 were selected for export. The person viewing the pencast will hear the audio that you recorded while writing on pages 1, 2, and 3, but they will not see any of the notes from page 3).


Below are the methods you can use to send a file -

Pages View

  • Drag selected thumbnails to a Connector in the left navigation pane.
  • Drag a notebook name to a Connector in the left navigation pane. 
  • Right-click (Win) / control-click (Mac) in Single Page view for a "Send Page <#> to…" (Win) / "Send to" (Mac) option and select the Connector.


Audio View

  • Right-click (Win) / control-click (Mac) on a selected session for a "Send [description] to…" (Win) / "Send to" (Mac) option and select the Connector.
  • For Mac you can also drag the audio file to a Connector. 

Once you have issued a send request - 

  1. A dialog window with radio buttons will open allowing for more specific file selection.  Windows also includes a More Options button in this window.  Select the file format to send.  Available file formats depend on the Connector you are using and whether you are sending notes, audio, or both.
  2. Click Continue (Win) / Send to [Connector Name] (Mac).  
  3. Name the file and select a destination (if applicable).  NOTE: Windows Users - If you are sending to "Computer" and select "Audio Only" to send an "M4A Audio" file, you will be prompted to select a destination folder even if you already have a "Computer" save destination set (the default is your Desktop for other file types).  You will not be able to name the file until after you click the "Select Folder" button and save the file.
  4. Click Save (if applicable). 

Your file has been sent.  If after following these steps your file did not get sent please let us know.

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