80419 - ECHO/PULSE - Running Livescribe Desktop as a Windows Standard User in a Windows domain using a roaming profile (e.g. in a school or corporate environment)

Can a Windows Standard User run Livescribe Desktop on a computer in a Windows domain if the user logs into Windows using a roaming profile (e.g. in a school or corporate environment)?

In order for Livescribe Desktop to function properly in this environment the following conditions must be met:

  1. An Administrator will need to install the Livescribe Desktop software.  Afterwards Standard Users can use the Livescribe Desktop software and transfer their data from the Livescribe smartpen without an issue.  NOTE: If a user logs in and starts Livescribe Desktop but the smartpen is not recognized when it is docked, restart the computer to reset Windows Plug & Play sensing and the smartpen should be recognized.  If the smartpen is not still recognized please reference 85121 - Why is my smartpen not recognized by the software when I run Windows Livescribe Desktop?
  2. The machine needs to have a physical (cabled) internet connection, not a wireless internet connection.
  3. Users should not log into different operating systems when using their roaming profile (i.e. they should not log into Windows XP on one machine and then Windows Vista on another).  This will prevent Windows from "upgrading" the roaming profile to the newer operating system, potentially causing Windows profile issues when logged into the older operating system.
  4. The Windows domain Group Policy will need to be set by a Network Administrator to include the folders in the following paths so that the user's data is uploaded and saved to the central server at log off.  Windows 8, 7, and Vista - "C:\Users\user_windows_account_name\AppData\Local\Livescribe".  Windows XP - "C:\Documents and Settings \user_windows_account_name\ Local Settings\Application Data\Livescribe".


If the above conditions are met, the roaming profile users will have access to their data on any machine in the domain.  If the data is saved on the local machine as well as uploaded to the central server and the user logs into the same machine each time, only incremental changes will be uploaded when they log off the machine.  If no data is stored locally, logging off and on to a machine on the domain will take the user more and more time as the Livescribe data folder increases in size.

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