80702 - ECHO/PULSE - Adding an image (watermark) to a Pencast PDF

How can I add an image to my Pencast PDF such as a template or worksheet?

If you would like to add an image to a Pencast PDF, you will need to have an Echo or Pulse smartpen and Windows Livescribe Desktop installed.  

NOTE: The newer version of our software Echo Desktop does not support Pencast PDFs.  Also Sky/wifi smartpens are not compatible with Livescribe Desktop.  

If you already have Echo Desktop installed, or don't have anything installed and need Windows Livescribe Desktop, please see 80910 - ECHO/PULSE - Reverting from Echo Desktop back to Livescribe Desktop.

NOTE: The link to the tutorial video below was NOT created by Livescribe and is NOT supported by Livescribe if you have questions.  It was posted by an end user group to help with embedding images in PDF documents:


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