90025 - ECHO/PULSE - Livescribe Online “Share on our Community / Remove from Community” options

What are the Livescribe Online "Share on our Community / Remove from Community" options used for?

From your personal profile (90010 - How do I access Livescribe Online and my personal profile?) you can use the "Share on our Community" option to post the file you are currently viewing to www.livescribe.com/community for others to access.  

If the file that you want to share is private, you will first need to make it public. For instructions please see 90026 - How do I make my Livescribe Online file public/private?

NOTE: Making a file public allows anyone to access the file. We do not recommend making confidential files public.

Before posting it you may want to assign a category to the file.  On the right side of the viewing pane next to "Category:" click on "Unspecified" (the default category).  Select an appropriate category from the drop-down and click the "Save" button.  You can also describe your file to others.  Below "Category:" is a "Description:" option.  Click on "click to edit…" and type in a description of your file.  Click the "Save" button.

Now click "Share on our Community" and the file will be posted to the Livescribe Online Community.

To stop sharing the file with the Livescribe Online Community click "Remove from Community".

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