90023 - ECHO/PULSE - Sharing a Livescribe Online file on Facebook

How do I share a Livescribe Online file on my Facebook page?

From your personal profile (90010 - How do I access Livescribe Online and my personal profile?) if you would like to share a file on Facebook you can use the Livescribe Online "Share on Facebook" option to post notes or pencasts to your Facebook account.

Only files that are public can be posted to Facebook. You can post files from the Livescribe Online Community or your personal myLivescribe page.  For instructions please reference 90026 - How do I make my Livescribe Online file public/private?

NOTE: Making a file public allows anyone to access the file. We do not recommend making confidential files public.

To publish notes or a pencast to Facebook:

  1. Click "Share on Facebook".
  2. You will be prompted to log into Facebook if you aren't already logged in.
  3. Use the "Post to Profile" field to add a note regarding the pencast and then click "Share" to post the pencast to your Facebook Home page.


NOTE: Click the "Send a Message instead" option in the lower left to send someone an email with a link that can be used to access the file.  This option does not post the file to Facebook.  

If "Post to Profile instead" appears in the lower left, click that option to go back to the "Post to Profile" option.

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