90026 - ECHO/PULSE - Making a Livescribe Online file public/private

How do I make my Livescribe Online file public/private?

From your personal profile (90010 - How do I access Livescribe Online and my personal profile?) if you would like to allow others to access a Livescribe Online file, whether or not they are on the Access List for that file, you can use the "Make this File Public" option.

When a file is public visitors will not be required to log in to view the file.

NOTE: When you upload content to your Livescribe Online personal profile, the file automatically defaults to private.  Making a file public allows anyone to access the file. We do not recommend making confidential files public.

If you later decide you want to make the file unavailable on Facebook or any other public websites it may have been embedded in, you can use the "Make this File Private" option.

After you make a file private, only contacts that are check-marked in your Access List will be able to see the file.  For more information please see 90027 - What is the Livescribe Online Access List?

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