90020 - ECHO/PULSE - Livescribe Online “Email a Friend!” option

What is the Livescribe Online option "Email a Friend!" used for?

From your personal profile (90010 - How do I access Livescribe Online and my personal profile?) you can use the Livescribe Online "Email a Friend!" option to share notes or pencasts with anyone you choose.  To give your friend(s) access to a file:

  1. Click on "Email a Friend!"
  2. If this is the first time you are sharing a file with this friend - enter your friend's email address in the "To:" field.  You can add multiple email addresses by separating each address with a comma. If you have shared a file with this friend before - check the box next to your friend's email address in your Address Book.  You can select multiple check-boxes if you have more than one friend in your Address Book you would like to share the file with. 
  3. Add a message in the "Personalize It!" section (optional).
  4. Click "Send".  Your friend(s) will be added automatically to the Access List for the file you shared.  For more information please reference 90027 - What is the Livescribe Online Access List?  Your friend(s) will also be added automatically to your Contact list for future ease of sharing.  As you share more files, your Address Book contact list will grow.  You can use the gray pencil button to access "Edit a Contact" and add a friend's name or edit an email address.  You can use the red minus button to access "Delete a Contact" and remove an email address from the list.
  5. Your friend(s) will receive an email that links to your file on Livescribe Online. If your file is private, your friend(s) will be required to create a Livescribe Online account. Each friend's username must be the email address you sent the invitation to.


You have now successfully shared your file with your friend(s)!

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