80901 - ECHO/PULSE - Differences between Livescribe PDF and Pencast PDF files

What are the differences between Livescribe PDF and Pencast PDF files?

Pencast PDFs are custom files that rely on Adobe Flash technology. Livescribe PDF files are more portable, and easier to access on a range of devices, using the advanced .m4a audio format combined with a standard PDF file.

A Livescribe PDF is the same type of file that is exported by the Livescribe+ app. It is a standard PDF with audio and handwriting information included. You can view your PDF in any standard PDF reader, including Adobe Acrobat. You will see your written notes and can even export the audio as a separate file (in M4A format), but most PDF file viewers can't play back the audio.

For details on playing a Livescribe PDF while viewing interactive ink, please see 82457 - LIVESCRIBE 3/ECHO/PULSE - Playing/accessing Livescribe PDF notes and audio from an iOS device or computer.

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