85112 - ECHO/PULSE - Windows Livescribe Desktop very slow to respond

After starting Windows Livescribe Desktop it seems to run very slow when I try to open a notebook page, play audio, search for text in my notebooks, or change from Pages View to Audio view.

If you feel that Windows Livescribe Desktop is running slow when you open pages, play audio, search for words in your notebooks, or change views, you may be experiencing an issue with your system resources.  Please reference this article first to make sure you meet the minimum requirements for running Windows Livescribe Desktop:

80001 - What are the system requirements for Livescribe Desktop?

Also for best performance please make sure you have the latest version of Livescribe Desktop installed by referencing:

85900 - Checking your version of Livescribe Desktop

System resources


We don't have a published minimum requirement for memory to run Livescribe Desktop, but if you have less than 1 GB of RAM installed on your machine (for example 512MB), you may have too many applications running that are using up system resources and causing our software to close.  

We never recommend shutting down antivirus or firewall software, but if there are applications running you are not using and they are safe to stop, shutting some of those down will free up resources on your system.  If you would like to see the items that are running you can go to:

Windows 8/10:

  1. From the Start screen type "task manager", select "Apps" on the right, and tap/click "Task Manager".  
  2. Tap/click the "Startup" tab.
  3. Select the program you want disabled at startup and tap/click "Disable".  You will need to do this one program.  

 Windows 7, Vista, XP:

  1. Select "Start" and then select "Search programs and files" (7) / "Start Search" (Vista) / "Run" (XP).
  2. Type "msconfig" and press Enter (7 and Vista users may need to click "Continue" to give Windows permission to continue).
  3. Click the "Startup" tab.  All of the items that are checked are currently running on your system.  You can check or uncheck items in this tab.  Any items checked after you click "OK" will start automatically the next time you start Windows.
  4. If you made any changes to the Startup tab you will be prompted with an options window allowing you to "Restart" or "Exit Without Restart".  For your changes to take effect, you  may need to (7/Vista) / must (XP) restart your system.

Hard drive space:

Another reason you may be experiencing a problem with Windows Livescribe Desktop is you may be low on hard drive space.  Please reference this article for more information:

80010 - How much hard drive space do I need to save all of my data from my smartpen to my Windows Livescribe Desktop?

Fragmented hard drive:

Finally you should try de-fragmenting your hard drive to improve performance on your machine.  This will help all applications run better on your machine, not just Livescribe Desktop.

To do so:

Windows 8/10:

  1. From the Start screen type "defragment", select "Settings" on the right, and tap/click "Defragment and optimize your drives".
  2. Make sure the "(C:)" drive is selected and tap/click the "Optimize" button.

Windows 7, Vista, XP:

  1. Click your Windows "Start" button.
  2. Select "All Programs".
  3. Select "Accessories".
  4. Select "System Tools".
  5. Select "Disk Defragmenter".
  6. If you have more than one disk drive or partition, select the "(C:)" drive as this is the drive/partition we store the Livescribe Desktop data folder on.
  7. Too see if your disk needs to be defragmented click the "Analyze disk" (Windows 7) / "Analyze" (XP) button.  NOTE: Vista users do not have an analyze option.
  8. If Windows recommends that you defragment the volume click the "Defragment disk" (Windows 7) / "Defragment" (XP) button.  Vista users can just click "Defragment now" since there is no Windows recommendation option.

If you are low on disk space Windows may prompt you to free up some space on the C: drive before running the defragment utility.

You may need to run the defragment utility several times if your drive is really fragmented.  Continue to analyze and defragment your C: drive until Windows no longer recommends defragmentation.

If you still have an issue with slow performance when running Livescribe Desktop please let us know.

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