85210 - ECHO/PULSE - Trying to register in Windows Livescribe Desktop. After filling out registration fields and clicking “Continue” nothing happens

I am trying to register my smartpen in Windows Livescribe Desktop.  After filling out all of the registration fields and clicking the Continue button the page refreshes but nothing happens.

If you are trying register your smartpen using Windows Livescribe Desktop but the page refreshes and nothing happens when you click the "Continue" button, this is due to a setting in Internet Explorer (the browser used by Windows Livescribe Desktop to register smartpens).

To resolve this issue:

  1. Close Windows Livescribe Desktop.
  2. Open an Internet Explorer browser window.
  3. From the Internet Explorer main menu go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options".
  4. Select the "Security" tab.
  5. Click the "Custom level…" button.
  6. Scroll down to the "Active scripting" option and select the "Enable" or the "Prompt" radio button.  NOTE: If you select "Enable" you will not be prompted when you encounter scripts on any web page - Livescribe or non-Livescribe.  If you select "Prompt" you may have to click "Yes" many times on every web page that is running scripts to get through each warning message.
  7. Click "OK", "Yes", and "OK".
  8. Close all Internet Explorer windows.
  9. Open Livescribe Desktop.
  10. Try registering once more.  If you are prompted with "Scripts are usually safe.  Do you want to allow scripts to run?" click "Yes" until you get through all of the messages.

If you still have an issue please let us know.

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