85660 - ECHO/PULSE - Windows - Purchased app did not download OR did not transfer to smartpen

Windows - I have purchased an application from the online Store but I do not think the application downloaded OR I see the application in Windows Livescribe Desktop but I do not know how to transfer it to my smartpen.

If you purchased an application but you don't think it downloaded, or it did download but it never transferred to your smartpen, you will need to verify the status of the application download.  

To check this:

  1. Open Livescribe Desktop.
  2. Dock the smartpen you would like the application to transfer to.  NOTE:  If you are not the registered owner of the smartpen that is docked you will not be able to transfer the application to that smartpen.  If this is the case, remove that smartpen and dock one that you are the registered owner of.
  3. In the upper right click on the "Application Manager" button.
  4. If your application shows under the "Application Name" column, look under the "Transfer" column for "To Smartpen" or "From Smartpen".  If you don't see your application, click the "Check for Updates" button and accept the download.
  5. If the "To Smartpen" button appears then click it to get the application to transfer to your smartpen.  If "From Smartpen" appears then the application already transferred to the smartpen that is docked.  The application can be accessed by undocking the smartpen, double-tapping the center of a Nav Plus located at the bottom left corner of any notebook page, tapping the down-arrow to get to "Applications" and then the right-arrow to access the Applications list.  Scroll down until you see your application.
  6. If your application does NOT show under the "Application Name" column in the Livescribe Desktop "Application Manager" window, then the purchase did not complete and you will need to go back to the online Store to complete the transaction.  If you received an email confirmation that the order went through then you may have purchased the application using an email address that is different from the one your smartpen is registered under.  If you need to confirm what your registered email address is, use the steps in the "Livescribe Desktop" section of 90010 - How do I access Livescribe Online and my personal profile? to access your Account and view the email address stored in your profile.  If it is different from the one used to purchase the application you will need to log into Livescribe Desktop with that email address by accessing the article below.

If the steps above did not resolve your issue please reference 85661 - Windows - De-authorizing / re-authorizing Livescribe Desktop.

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