85600 - ECHO/PULSE - Error “Livescribe Desktop cannot connect to the internet” (Windows) / “Unable to connect to Livescribe” (Mac)

Why am I getting the error message "Livescribe Desktop cannot connect to the internet" (Windows) / "Unable to connect to Livescribe" (Mac)?

These Livescribe Desktop messages:

"Livescribe Desktop cannot connect to the Internet. Please check your Internet connection and try again." (Windows)


"Unable to connect to Livescribe. Please check your network connection and try again." (Mac)

…will display when there is no internet connection or when a firewall or proxy server is blocking Livescribe Desktop from connecting to the Livescribe servers.  

If you are able to connect to the internet using a browser then please reference 80405 - Can I log in or register my smartpen using Livescribe Desktop if I am behind a proxy server or firewall?

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