28008 - ECHO/PULSE - Using the smartpen Connect application “Reset” function

How do I use the smartpen Connect "Reset" function?

There are two reasons to use the smartpen Connect application "Reset" function:

Here are the steps to clear the sends from your smartpen.

NOTE:  This reset does not affect notes, audio, email addresses, or shortcuts stored on the pen.   It only clears pages from the smartpen send queue that are pending to be sent.

  1. Double-tap the center of a Nav Plus.
  2. Tap down to Connect.
  3. Tap right to activate Connect.
  4. Tap down twice to "About".
  5. Tap right to "Version #.#.#".
  6. Tap down to "Help".
  7. Tap right to "Please visit…"
  8. Tap down to "Reset".
  9. Tap right to "This will clear all Connect data on your pen…"
  10. Tap right to reset the Connect app.

The sends on your smartpen have now been cleared.  Please let us know if you still have an issue.

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