86040 - ECHO/PULSE - Installed Mac Livescribe Desktop but Connectors do not appear

I installed Mac Livescribe Desktop but when Livescribe Desktop opens the Connectors do not appear.

When you first install Livescribe Desktop and dock your smartpen to the USB charging cable, the basic Connectors should appear such as "Computer" and "Evernote".


If the Connectors do not appear:

  1. Undock and re-dock your smartpen.
  2. Close Livescribe Desktop and reopen it.
  3. If there are still no Connectors, activate your "Finder" menu by clicking somewhere on an unused area of your desktop.  
  4. From the menu options at the top of your desktop (Finder, File, Edit, View, Go, etc.) select Go > Applications.
  5. If there is a "Livescribe Connect" icon, select it to start Connect.  NOTE: If there are still no Connectors in Livescribe Desktop after clicking the icon, make sure there aren't other Mac users logged onto that machine.  Livescribe Connect does not support multiple user accounts running Livescribe Connect simultaneously (if Fast User Switching is turned on, a name or icon will appear in the upper right of your Mac desktop next to the Spotlight icon.  Make sure only one user shows as logged in there).  
  6. If there is no "Livescribe Connect" icon then Connect did not get installed.  Uninstall and reinstall Livescribe Desktop by accessing 80221 - How do I uninstall the Mac Livescribe Desktop and Livescribe Connect software?
  7. If you just upgraded Livescribe Desktop and the connectors appear in Livescribe Desktop but you cannot get any of the Connectors to respond when you click on them or send to them, restart your computer.  After restarting when you open Livescribe Desktop again you will be able to use Connect once more.  

If you still have an issue please let us know.

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