86310 - ECHO/PULSE - Windows 8 - Cannot send using Connect

Why can't I get any Send options to appear when I try to use Connect?

If you are running Livescribe Desktop on Windows 8 and are right-clicking a file, selecting "Send Page to…" or "Send notebook to…", but are not getting any Send options to appear, then you may need to reinstall Livescribe Desktop in Windows 7 compatibility mode.  To do so:

  1. Download the installer from www.livescribe.com/install to your Windows desktop (or access the folder it downloads to).
  2. BEFORE INSTALLING, right-click on the installer and select "Properties".
  3. Select the "Compatibility" tab.
  4. Under "Compatibility mode" select "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 7".
  5. Click "OK".
  6. Install Livescribe Desktop.
  7. Run Livescribe Desktop.

You should now be able to see a list of Send options when you right-click on the file and select the "Send Page to…" or "Send notebook to…" options.

If you still have an issue please let us know.

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