86305 - ECHO/PULSE - Uploaded pencast is a blank window when trying to view/play it from Livescribe Online

Why is the pencast I uploaded successfully using the MyLivescribe connector a blank window when I try to view/play it from Livescribe Online?

If the pencast you uploaded using the MyLivescribe connector is blank and cannot be played from Livescribe Online:


  1. Delete the file from Livescribe Online.
  2. Uninstall Livescribe Desktop and Connect (80111 - ECHO/PULSE - Uninstalling Windows Livescribe Desktop and Livescribe Connect or 80221 - ECHO/PULSE - Uninstalling Mac Livescribe Desktop and Livescribe Connect).
  3. Reinstall Livescribe Desktop and Connect - http://www.livescribe.com/downloads/support/LivescribeDesktop_Install_Win_v2.8.3.zip.
  4. Upload the pencast once more.


This should resolve the issue.

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