82452 - ECHO/PULSE - Creating Livescribe PDFs from private pencasts posted to Livescribe Online

How do I create Livescribe PDFs from pencasts that are currently posted privately to Livescribe Online?

Below are the steps to create Livescribe PDFs that were previously uploaded to the Echo/Pulse Livescribe Online service privately (for public pencasts, please see 82451 - ECHO/PULSE - Creating Livescribe PDFs from public pencasts posted to Livescribe Online).

You must have access to a Windows or Mac computer to complete these steps.

To save your private pencasts as Livescribe PDF files:


  1. Access the Echo Community.
  2. From the top right corner select "Account > Sign In".
  3. After logging in, click on the blue "MY LIVESCRIBE PENCASTS" button and select the pencasts you want to save on your computer using the selection check boxes. 
  4. Then select the blue "CONVERT PENCASTS" button. 
  5. The conversion process will begin immediately.
  6. Once complete, click "SAVE PENCASTS" and your pencast(s) will be saved to your computer in a zipped folder.

NOTE:  If you get an error converting the online pencasts, please see
93300 - Converting Livescribe Online to Livescribe PDFs displays error message.

To play Livescribe PDFs from a PC or Mac, please see 83301 - LIVESCRIBE+/ECHO/PULSE - Playing/accessing Livescribe PDF notes and audio from a Windows or Mac computer.

To play Livescribe PDFs from an iOS device, please see 83350 - LIVESCRIBE+ - Importing notes and audio saved as Livescribe PDFs.


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