80902 - ECHO/PULSE - Echo Desktop FYIs

What are some important tips about Echo Desktop?

Here are some FYIs about Echo Desktop: 

  • Sharing pencasts: Livescribe PDFs are not self-playing, like our previous PDF format was.  That's because they don't contain Flash, a technology that's losing support in more and more environments.  We want our pencasts to be stored and viewed like any other universally accepted document format, so we removed Flash, and now follow the conventional standards of PDF.  We deliberately removed Flash from these documents because Flash is not supported on mobile devices, and more and more often is prohibited as a security threat to computers and devices.
  • Sharing pencasts: Only one pencast audio session can be shared/exported at a time, so if you are trying export an entire notebook you will have to choose the one session that will be exported with all of the pages of the notebook.  To export complete pencasts individually, initiate your share from the Audio/Sessions view of Echo Desktop.  
  • Sharing pencasts: Mac Echo Desktop supports Outlook email sharing exports and also supports the default email client Mail.  Windows only supports Outlook for export sharing.  Browser email clients are not supported.
  • Echo Desktop will only open page-based Livescribe PDFs, not Livescribe PDFs that contain snippets or photos from Livescribe+.  If the Livescribe PDF does contain a snippet or photo you will see the message "Echo Desktop opens only Livescribe PDFs that contain pencasts."
  • In Echo Desktop, Livescribe PDFs:
    • Are not searchable.
    • Can't be put in Custom Notebooks.
    • Are never displayed as thumbnails.
    • Do not support bookmarks created on the pen.
    • Do not display in Audio view.
    • Will show page-backward and forward buttons in the Livescribe PDF viewer window (lower right) even if it is only a single page. 
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